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Ant. Jucundare filia

Psalmus 110.
Psalm 110.
110:1. Confitebor tibi, Dómine, in toto corde meo : *
in consílio justórum, et congregatióne.
1. I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; * in the council of the just, and in the congregation.
110:2. Magna ópera mini : *
exquisíta in omnes voluntátes ejus.
2. Great are the works of the Lord: * sought out according to all his wills.
110:3. Conféssio et magnificéntia opus ejus : *
et justítia ejus manet in sǽculum culi.
3. His work is praise and magnificence: * and his justice continueth for ever and ever.
110:4. Memóriam fecit mirabílium suórum,
miséricors et miserátor minus : *
escam dedit timéntibus se.
4. He hath made a remembrance of his wonderful works, being a merciful and gracious Lord: * he hath given food to them that fear him.
110:5. Memor erit in sǽculum testaménti sui : *
virtútem óperum suórum annuntiábit pópulo suo :
5. He will be mindful for ever of his covenant: * he will shew forth to his people the power of his works.
110:6. Ut det illis hereditátem géntium : *
ópera mánuum ejus véritas, et jucium.
6. That he may give them the inheritance of the Gentiles: * the works of his hands are truth and judgment.
110:7. Fidélia ómnia mandáta ejus :
confirmáta in sǽculum culi, *
facta in veritáte et æquite.
7. All his commandments are faithful: confirmed for ever and ever, * made in truth and equity.
110:8. Redemptiónem misit pópulo suo : *
mandávit in ætérnum testaméntum suum.
8. He hath sent redemption to his people: * he hath commanded his covenant for ever.
110:9. (fit reverentia) Sanctum, et terríbile nomen ejus : *
inítium sapiéntiæ timor mini.
9. (bow head) Holy and terrible is his name: * the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
110:10. Intelléctus bonus ómnibus faciéntibus eum : *
laudátio ejus manet in sǽculum culi.
10. A good understanding to all that do it: * his praise continueth for ever and ever.
V. Glória Patri, et lio, *
et Spirítui Sancto.
V. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, * and to the Holy Ghost.
R. Sicut erat in princípio, et nunc, et semper, *
et in sǽcula sæculórum. Amen.
R. As it was in the beginning, is now, * and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.