20th century Office Books (Breviaries) in AMERICA
for the Celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours

Texts printed in red denote "official" and/or "approved" offices; texts printed in blue denote "unofficial" offices, though some of them have been "approved" since the Second Vatican Council.


Official books of the Divine Office - the Breviary
(used by all who were obliged to the full office)
No. of Books
Language Psalter 
Publisher Year
Breviarium Romanum 1 (totum)
Vulgate or
Pius XII
1 wk Psalter (structurally, the
  Pius X Psalter of 1911)
1962, (with additional printings, afterwards)
Breviarium Ambrosianum

(The Rite of the Archdiocese of Milan, is as old as, if not older than, the Roman Rite. This Rite is not a "usage".)

(winter 1, 2, summer 1, 2)
Latin, but not the Vulgate as found in most other breviaries of the Roman Rite or its various usages.
(It is Jerome's first translation of the Itala version, called the Romana, later on, and still used in St. Peter's and in Milan))

The structure and texts of the hours are different, generally, from the same hours in the Roman Breviary  of pre-Vatican II.

Matins has a 2 week distribution by using decuriae (there are 10 decuriae; #1 begins on Monday, Week 1, and # 10 ends on Friday, Week 2) Daverio, Milan 1957 (but also previous editions and subsequent printings)

Breviarium - other usages, including some "rites"
(e.g. Carmelite, Dominican, Premonstratensian, Monastic
(including Carthusian, Cistercian, Maurist [Hungarian Benedictines], within the Roman Rite)

Breviarium Monasticum 2 or 4 Latin 


1 wk monastic Psalter (i.e., as formulated by Benedict in his Rule) several 

but 1963 ed., 
Marietti Rome

through 1963
Breviarium ad usum congregationis Sancti Mauri Ordinis Sancti Benedicti , the "Maurinum" based on the Maurist Breviary of the Benedictine Congregation of St. Vanne, permitted for use by indult of Gregory XVI. 4 Latin 

Vulgate, then Pius XII Psalter

1 wk Psalter not formulated by Benedict in his Rule, but organized thematically by day and hour - there is some adherence to the classic Benedictine formulas. from 1842 

Mechitaristica, Vienna

1842, choir edition 
1914, revised, "breviary size" books
Breviarium Sacri Ordinis Curtusiensis 1 Latin 


1 wk monastic Psalter (from Benedict) with Carthusian additions 1879 
Charterhouse of Notre-Dame-des-Pres, France
Psalterium Breviarii Monastici 1 Latin 


1 week monastic Psalter with some common offices and seasonal prayers; also includes Office of the Dead and Mass prayers (before & after) 3rd edition, 
Desclee de Brouwer, 
The Monastic Diurnal
or The Day Hours of the Monastic Breviary

compiled by the Monks of St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota 

"imported" by the Benedictine Sisters of St. Joseph, Minn.

1 Latin Vulgate & English 

(Latin and English in parallel columns) 

English psalms by Paschal Botz, OSB and Basil Stegmann, OSB.

all the day hours of the Monastic Breviary; this edition designed for Benedictine Sisters (and others) who were obliged to the office (but dispensed from Matins "outside the Motherhouse") H. Dessain, Mechlin 1948 

(5 eds)

Cistercian [essentially the Monastic Breviary] (Breviarium Cisterciense) 4 Latin 
1 wk monastic Psalter Westmalle, Belgium 1907, 
1934, 1950
Carmelite Rite (Breviarium Ordinis Fratrum Beatissimae Virginis Mariae de Monte Carmelo juxta Hiersolymitanae Ecclesiae Antiquam Consuetudinem) 4 Latin 
1 wk Psalter 
(basically, Pius X, Roman Rite structure)
Premonstratensian Rite (Breviarium Praemonstratense) 4 Latin 
1 week Psalter, basic Pius X Roman Rite structure, with variations H. Dessain, Mechlin 1953
Dominican Rite (Breviarium Juxta Ritum Sacri Ordinis Praedicatorum) 2 Latin 
1 wk Psalter 
basic Pius X Roman Rite structure, with variations
Rome, St. Sabinae (often printed by Marietti) 1962
Bridgettine Nuns (Breviarium Sacrarum Virginum Ordinis Sanctissimi Salvatoris vulgo Sanctae Birgittae) [Horas Deiparae Virginis Per Ferias Distributas Continens] 2 Latin, Vulgate, includes "Sermo Angelicus" readings for Matins distributed over 1 week. . NOT the Little Office of the BVM.  Shaped in the late Middle Ages (14th cent) updated after Vatican II - Sermo readings now distributed over 3 weeks. Tournai, Desclee

[vol 2 includes the supplemental offices which completed the entire 150 psalms per week, e.g., Sunday office of the Holy Spirit, Office of the Dead, etc.]




Unofficial ("Lay Breviaries" or "Little Offices")
(used by communities not obliged to any form of the complete office and by lay people)


The Roman Breviary 2, 4 English translation by John, Marquess of Bute
2 volume (Winter/Summer)
translation of the

pre-Pius X Breviarium 
- 4 volume edition printed in 1908

William Blackwood & Sons, 

Edinburgh & 

1879 & 1908
Breviary for Religious
4, 2 English translation by Dame Gertrude Brown, OSB, Stanbrook Abbey Pius XII Latin Psalter, 
Knox versions of the English Psalms
J. H. Gottmer, 
1948 (4 vols) 
1961 (2 vols)
Day Hours of the Church
edited by the Benedictine Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey; introduction by 
Abbot Fernand Cabrol
1 Latin/English the first Diurnal based on the revisions of Pius X (1911), in English. London: Burns, Oates & Washbourne 1921
The Roman Breviary
(prepared by the Benedictine Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey revised & edited by Charles Francis Brown)
4 English translation of the psalms unknown entire Roman Breviary with 1 wk Psalter;  Burns, Oates & Washbourne, Ltd. (and in the USA, with Benziger Brothers, NY) 1936 - 1937
Roman Breviary in English 4 English psalm translation based on the Pius XII Novum Psalterium, but still in the previous CCD translation (1941) style. edited by [Rt. Rev. Msgr.] Joseph A. Nelson, D.D. 

1 week psalter

Benziger Brothers, NY 1950-1951
Oratio Vespertina A Book of Evening Prayer and Praise

compiled by V.G.L. (Vilma G. Little).

1 Latin (Vulgate) and English (translation by VGL) version of "night prayers" antiphons and psalms distributed over 31 days;  other texts remain unchanged. Worcester, England: Stanbrook Abbey Press 1941
Divine Praise
An Adaptation of the Day Hours of the Benedictine Monastic Breviary 

".though some Benedictine Sisters and Oblates of St. Benedict will use this book it was intended primarily for the use of the Benedictine Brothers in St. Meinrad's Abbey." A revised version of a mimeographed edition, based on the Divine Office, printed by the Abbey in 1936

1 CCD psalms, but Office of the Dead in Latin (Vulgate) and English 

[Abbot Esser identifies the translator of the current CCD psalms as Eberhard Olinger, OSB, a monk of St. Meinrad's]

Basic Monastic psalter, though Matins are missing, as are commemorations at Lauds & Vespers St. Meinrad Abbey, 
St. Meinrad, Indiana
The Little Office of the BVM
(many variations for usages within the Roman Rite and orders/communities)
1 Latin/English same office (all hrs) throughout wk (also Office of the Dead); also, 1953 amplior edition prepared by Bea several publishers various
A Short Breviary for Religious and the Laity 1 English 
in 3 editions:1941, 1954 & 1963 (the 2nd &3rd edition provided both regular and unabridged editions; the unabridged contained the complete Psalter and readings for every day of the year). Popular Liturgical Library
Liturgical Press, 
1941 (with several printings through 1951); 
1st edition

A SHORT BREVIARY [this edition] includes monastic feasts and a version of Monastic Compline; 

also includes prayers, at Prime, for deceased friends, benefactors and psalm 129, prepared in anticipation of the 14th centenary of St. Benedict's death and because of the "times of trial like these" (WWII had begun); originally intended for the "(lay) brothers in our monasteries" 

[Paschal Botz, OSB, William G. Heidt, OSB and other Monks prepared the original manuscript in 1939-1940] - the first edition was printed at St. John's Abbey.

1 CCD & Challoner-Rheims version of the New Testament texts (copyright holder for both was Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) -- 

based heavily on Bruederoffizium, Im Auftrage des Generalkapitels, Chrysostomus Schmid, OSB, Oberbayern: Erzabtei St. Ottilien, 1935  (and 1953) used up to the 2nd Vatican Council,

(Bruederoffizium, according to its preparer, Thomas Graf, OSB, (1st ed), and Gislar Aulinger, OSB, (2nd ed) was based on Volksbrevier (see Officium Divinum Parvum below and Laienbrevier, from the Abbey of Maria Laach)

Psalms were translated by Paschal Botz, OSB and Basil Stegmann, OSB, Monks of St. John's Abbey. the 1st edition "edited by the Monks of St. John's Abbey" 
[and printed at the Abbey ]. 

Four printings of this edition were made until 1951]; 

(the following are called "editions", though perhaps they are better called "revised printings of the 1st edition)

2nd edition - 1942; 
3rd edition - 1943; 
5th edition - 1951

1941 through 1951
2nd edition

editor now William G. Heidt, OSB, edition "revised" 

regular edition: 1 week Psalter plus an office for Commons (seasons and feasts); used 104 psalms, 90 during a regular week. 

complete edition: regular edition with 4 wk Matins distribution (nocturn form - 3 psalms) & 1 reading for each day of the year, either in Matins or in another (major) Hour; included the entire Psalter. 

propers for various orders and congregations were made available for binding into either version. 

Grace at meals prayers were included.

1 English 

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Psalms (1950 translation - the work of Eberhard Olinger, OSB, a Monk of St. Meinrad's Archabbey).

(By 1956, some music had been prepared by 
Sr. Theophane Hytrek of the School Sisters of St. Francis in Milwaukee for their Franciscan propers; other communities may have done the same; 
music for office hymns, psalm tones and rhythmic accentuation of the psalms were prepared by Claude Earls and Jerome Coller, both Benedictines - the music and the marked psalmody appeared in both regular and complete third editions;  however, some attempts were made at private printings for parishes, etc., to include the hymnal and the text of A SHORT BREVIARY along with Mass texts and music within 1 cover).)
two "editions" were made - regular and complete;  the book's size was changed to a smaller, more easily carried and held version. 

the printing and bindery work were no longer done by St. John's Abbey Press, but taken over by a commercial printer and bindery.

3rd edition

revised again
(still listed in 1977 Liturgical Press catalog)

1 The 3rd edition  was published even though the 2nd Vatican Council was looming and major changes in the liturgy were forthcoming.  some changes  (e.g., Saturday BVM office psalms, "Thou" to "You", psalms marked for chanting, hymnal, some feasts changed, others dropped,  etc.) Artwork (full color graphics) and engraved music were included, as were psalms marked for chanting. 1962
The Divine Office (Officium Divinum Parvum), prepared by Hildebrand Fleischmann, OSB, Abbey of Seckau, Austria, based on Officii Divini Parvi Secoviensis * (Volksbrevier) (by 1959, more than 50 religious communities had made use of this office); 

included meal prayers, the journey prayers, prayers for the sick and dying, a novena, etc. 

propers for various orders were also printed and bound into the books;

1 English; Confraternity of Christian Doctrine psalms, 

original editions were in Latin/German and Latin/other and vernacular texts, such as: 


German, French, Spanish, Italian, English, Croatian, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech & Polish

2 week Psalter distribution; incomplete Psalter (128 psalms) - some psalms "edited" (i.e., shortened) 

( * Officii Divini Parvi Secoviensis -by 1933 there had already been 3 editions; several more editions were printed.) 

In 1966, an optional Lectionary, "Vol. 2" (printed in 5 booklets to be inserted at the end of the first volume) was included. This was the lectionary from the Office of Our Lady, originally prepared by the Monks of Encalcat for the Office of Our Lady (see below).

Herder & Herder, NY, (based on the 8th German edition, published by Herder, Freiburg, 1958) many years, 1959 -English edition.
Diurnal - The Hours of the Day of the Roman Breviary 1 Latin/English Uses Pius XII Latin Psalter - English source unknown

Desclee & Cie,


Book of Hours, prepared by the Benedictine Monks of En Calcat, Dourgne, France. 

(Optional Matins on Sundays & "1st order feasts" only; 1 Sunday psalm set for Psalter; editions in Latin-French, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. ) 


1 & 2 vol eds Latin/English 

Pius XII Psalter & Fides English psalms; 

original Livre d'Heures (1952) was Latin/French; work begun by Fr. Urban Seres, OSB and a  group of Monks and other collaborators. 
French only appeared in 1954, Latin/English edition supervised by Fr. Dominique Hermant, OSB

complete Psalter over 4 weeks with an additional week of scriptural canticles for a 5th week. 

Sunday psalms same for all weeks; 
daily Gospel reading assignment, 
daily lectionary (scripture or homily) 
& martyrology;

Dourgne: Editions d'Encalcat Office, 1955, 
Lectionary & Martyrology
Office of Our Lady, prepared by the Benedictine Monks of En Calcat, Dourgne, France, (1959), and (English edition -1962) the preparation of the English edition was supervised by Archdale A. King (Preparation encouraged and approved by Rome's  Congregation for Religious), originally intended for religious communities with a Marian spirituality; editions in Latin-French/ Italian/ Spanish/, German and Dutch. 2 Latin/English- Pius XII Psalter & Fides English psalms; 

original was 

(Fr. Dominique Hermant, OSB responsible, mainly, for preparation of the office.) 

also - 

and Dutch (published "privately" by the Archdiocese of Utrecht)

complete Psalter - 
complete daily lectionary*, variety of texts closely following the Liturgical Year (Seasonal, Sundays, Feasts & Commemorations) 
basically 2-week Psalter, though Sunday is the same for both weeks 

Lauds/Vespers Sunday psalms same as Roman Breviary 

* Note:  same exact Lectionary was adopted by 1964 and later editions of Fleischmann's Officium Divinum Parvum.

Darton, Longman & Todd, London 1962
The Little Breviary, based on the Dutch Klein Brevier (Fr. Stallaert) and prepared by the Benedictine Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey 1 English, Knox psalms original was in Dutch; it also appeared in French, Italian;

Some supplements of Proper feasts for certain religious communities were printed and bound into the volume, e.g., 1961, for  Franciscans.

one week Psalter; Matins always 3 psalms & 3 readings - incomplete Psalter Newman Press, Maryland and Gottmer, Haarlem , Holland 1958 

(original Dutch, 1950)

Morning Praise and Evensong, A Book of Common Prayer compiled from the Roman Breviary,

William G. Storey, DSM (see also post council texts)

1 English, Fides Psalms and OT Canticles by Mary Perkins Ryan, Kleist & Lilly NT Lauds (2 pss & OT Cant) and Vespers (3 pss) only. Extended readings, Litany of Supplication (for use after the Lord's Prayer), Marian Antiphons after Vespers Fides Publishers, 
Notre Dame, Indiana
1963 but several editions through 19.... 

After the Council - The First Wave - 1963 to 1970
Official books of the Divine Office - the Breviary
(used by all who were obliged to the full office, or to part of it)
Breviarium Romanum

Hours of the Divine Office in English and Latin, a bilingual edition of the Roman Breviary, prepared by the staff of the Liturgical Press 3 Latin/English Pius XII's Psalterium Novum & CCD (1950 & later) translation of psalms 1 week psalm distribution, with adjusted 1960 code of rubrics. Liturgical Press, 
Lauds, Vespers Compline in English 

reprinted from the Hours of the Divine Office in English and Latin, prepared by the staff of the Liturgical Press, edited by Leonard Doyle

1 English 

CCD text of scripture, 

c1941, 1952, 1955.

CCD text of scripture,c1941, 1952, 1955. Liturgical Press, Collegeville 1965
The Roman Breviary

edited by Bede Babo, OSB, with prayers translated by Christine Mohrmann

1 English 

CCD (after 1950) translation of psalms

CCD (after 1950) translation of psalms Benziger Brothers, New York 1964
Morning and Evening Prayers of the Divine Office: Lauds, Vespers, Compline for the Entire Year from the Roman Breviary

edited by Bede Babo, OSB, with prayers translated by Christine Mohrmann

1 English 

CCD (after 1950) translation of psalms

CCD (after 1950) translation of psalms Benziger Brothers, New York 1965
Breviary according to the Rite of the Order of Preachers 2 English 

Grail Psalms

based on the 1962 Latin text, with adjustments; St. Saviour's, Dublin 1967
Short Dominican Breviary

(for the Brothers, Sisters and Tertiaries)

1 English 

Grail psalms

taken from the English Dominican Breviary of 1967, but NO Matins; Desclee, Paris, Tournai 1967
The Day Hours of the Roman Breviary

(edited by Lancelot C. Sheppard)

1 English 

Grail psalms

entire Roman Breviary without Matins, 1 wk Psalter; Burns & Oates Ltd. (London), Desclee (Tournai), Maison Mame (Tours) 1967

The "Interim" Breviary period 1970 - 1974
Prayer of Christians
Initiated and Sponsored by National Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions
1 English 


attempt to introduce the new Liturgy of the Hours format ona a temporary basis; new calendar, new sanctoral, 

4 week Psalter, 
with separately prepared volumes for the readings from the Office of Readings.

Catholic Book Publishing Company, New York 1971
Prayer of the Church
prepared by the Hierarchy of England, Ireland & Wales
1 English 

Grail psalms

attempt at introducing the new Liturgy of the Hours format on a temporary basis, with new calendar, sanctoral, 4 week Psalter  Geoffrey Chapman & Co., London. 1971

Saint Columba Breviary

Liturgical Publications, Glenstal Ireland


Also known as:  

"The Legion of Mary Breviary"


1 English

Grail Psalms

"An abridgment of the Roman Breviary intended for the use of the Laity".  Compiled by Fr. Kevin Healy, OSB , who prepared a one week Psalter with some of the older elements and some of the proposed changes of the new office.  Liturgical Publications,

Glenstal, Ireland


The Liturgy of the Hours
1971 through the present


Official and "approved" Books of the Liturgy of the Hours
Liturgia Horarum

editio typica (1971) and editio typica altera (1985-1987) of the new Liturgy of the Hours; still incomplete (as of 1998) - missing the second cycle of Readings for the Office of Readings as well as the psalm prayers, which were to have been included after the psalms.

4 Latin 

psalms of Nova Vulgata edition

The office as reformed by decree of Vatican Council II's Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy Vatican Polyglot Press, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Rome 1971 & 1985, 


The Divine Office

compiled by the hierarchies of Australia, England, Wales & Ireland

3 English 

using Grail psalms but non ICEL translations of prayers, antiphons and other material

The first "official" English edition for use in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and some other English speaking areas of the world. Collins (London), Dwyer (Sydney), 
Talbot (Dublin)

re-printed in 1990

The Liturgy of the Hours

Prepared by the ICEL and approved by the North American Conference of Catholic Bishops

4 English 

Except for the Grail Psalms, the ICEL prepared translations for much of the material except scriptural readings

This edition is the "official"  text of the complete office for the USA and some other English speaking areas of the world. Catholic Book Publishing Company, New York 

(Totowa, New Jersey)



Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours

Morning Prayer, Prayer During the Day, Evening Prayer, Night Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours

1 English 

Except for the Grail Psalms, the ICEL prepared translations for much of the material except scriptural readings

Basically, the entire office without the Office of Readings, 

(though various editions include some readings and other material)

Catholic Book Publishing Company, NY 

St. Paul Publications, Boston; 

Helicon Press, Baltimore 

Liturgical Press, Collegeville


[ In 1999, only the editions of Catholic Book Publishing Company and St. Paul Publications are available.]

The Office of Readings

the complete Office of Readings in 1 convenient volume. 

[When combined with one of the  Christian Prayer editions, a financial & practical 2 volume alternative to the complete 4 volume Liturgy of the Hours.]

1 English 

Except for the Grail Psalms, the ICEL prepared translations for much of the material except scriptural readings

The Office of Readings for the entire year Pauline Books and Media, Boston 
(Daughters of St. Paul)
Daytime Prayer - from the Liturgy of the Hours

-Midmorning, Midday, Midafternoon Prayer, with Proper of Seasons, Solemnities of the Lord, Proper of the Saints.

1 English - 

ICEL translation and Grail psalms

paperback edition of the "Little Hours", sponsored by the Publications Division of NCCB U.S. Catholic Conference, 
Washington, D.C.
Daily Prayer

compiled by the hierarchies of Australia, England, Wales & Ireland

1 English as above Collins (London), Dwyer (Sydney), 
Talbot (Dublin)
Morning and Evening Prayer
with Night Prayer from The Divine Office 

compiled by the hierarchies of Australia, England, Wales & Ireland

1 English Morning and Evening Prayer + Night Prayer Collins (London), Dwyer (Sydney), 
Talbot (Dublin)
1st printing 1976; 
newest reprint -  1999
A Shorter Prayer During the Day
The Psalter of the Divine Office 

compiled by the hierarchies of Australia, England, Wales & Ireland

1 English The "middle hour" or daytime prayer , "with selected texts for the Seasons, Feasts of the Lord and Solemnities" Wm Collins & Co, 
London & Glasgow
Simplified Morning and Evening Prayer

An Introduction to The Divine Office, 

compiled and edited by John Brook

1 English A simplified four week Psalter as an introduction to the office HarperCollins, 
Shorter Morning and Evening Prayer 1 English, in 2 editions: 

a: (1983) for jurisdictions of the hierarchies of Australia, England, Wales & Ireland, and 

b: (1987) for ICEL jurisdictions

a simplified excerpt of the Liturgy of the Hours, compiled by Wm. Collins & Sons (London)  Collins; 

current American distributor: Liturgical Press



Shorter Christian Prayer

The Four Week Psalter of the Liturgy of the Hours Containing Morning and Evening Prayer with selections for the Entire Year

1 Except for the Grail Psalms, the ICEL prepared translations for much of the material except scriptural readings a simplified excerpt of the Liturgy of the Hours, compiled by Catholic Book Publishing Company with the approval of ICEL and BCL Catholic Book Publishing Company, NY 1988
Liturgia de las Horas
(Spanish version of Christian Prayer) (this, and other Spanish texts, are included here as 1/5 of the Catholic population in the US claims Spanish as a first language or cultural heritage)
1 Spanish This is the official version from Spain;  it is allowed for use in the USA but different from the other Spanish texts listed here. Coeditores Liturgicos,
1st ed 1982
6th ed, 1993
Liturgia de las Horas para los fieles
(a Spanish version of Shorter Christian Prayer)
1 Spanish, as used in some countries of Central and South America (and in the US) One of the official versions allowed for use in the USA, but different from the other Spanish texts listed here. ediciones Paulinas (the Daughters of St. Paul), Lima and other cities 1st edition, 1992
7th edition, 1999
Liturgia de las Horas del Pueblo
(another Spanish version of Shorter Christian Prayer)
1 Spanish, as used in some countries of Central and South America (and in the US) Another official version allowed for use in the USA, but different from the other Spanish texts listed here. San Pablo (Alba House) the  Pauline Fathers and Brothers (brother community to the Daughters of St. Paul) 1st edition, 1991
current edition, 1995
Unofficial * (though some are "approved")
Book of Prayer

Book of Prayer for Personal Use A SHORT BREVIARY abridged and simplified by monks of Saint John's Abbey from the Liturgia Horarum wholly revised fourth edition, 1975; preparation for this edition inaugurated in 1970

1 English 

translations taken from the Hours of the Divine Office with new translations for new elements

The NCCB prohibited distribution of this book; however, for many reasons, every copy of the printed book was sold Liturgical Press, 
Little Office of the BVM 1 English, ICEL and Grail Psalms the "approved" USA version, edited John A. Rotelle, OSA Catholic Book Publishing Company, 
New York
Morning and Evening Prayer - selections from the Liturgy of the Hours. The Official Prayer of the Church for Popular Use 

edited by Revs. D. Joseph Finnerty & George Ryan

1 English, ICEL and Grail Psalms excerpts from the English translation of Morning and Evening Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours Regina Press, 
New York

(and most recently, a "Jesuit" edition - 5th printing)

Lord Hear Our Prayer

compiled by Thomas McNally, CSC and William G. Storey, DMS; reprinted 1994

1 English, various translations various prayers, basic one week Morning and Evening prayer (1 psalm for each hour - ICEL copyrights) Ave Maria Press, 
Notre Dame
Every Day We Praise You

Prayers, Readings, and Devotions for the Year 
Including Morning and Evening Prayer from the "Liturgy of the Hours" (1st Week) 

edited by Victor Hoagland, C.P. and Maureen Skelly, S.C.

1 English first week of the 4 week approved Psalter, with various prayer and devotional material.  Includes music. Catholic Book Publishing Company 
New York
Work of God

Benedictine Prayer 

ed Judith Sutera, OSB 

2 week Morning and Evening Prayer, 1 Night Prayer

1 English, New ICEL "Liturgical Psalter of 1994) and NRSV Scripture 2 week Psalter, sinplified, but relative to Benedict's office structure in his Rule; 

includes Oblate material for meditation and prayer

Liturgical Press, Collegeville 1997
Handbook of Prayers

ed James Socias, 

3rd American edition 1995

1 English 

"excerpts from the Liturgy of the Hours, c 1982, ICEL"; 

Grail psalms

basic prayer book 

includes 1 Morning Prayer and 1 Evening Prayer

Scepter Publishers 
Midwest Theological Forum. 
Princeton, NJ, 

with OSV 
Huntington, Indiana

Pray Without Ceasing

Prayer for Morning & Evening, 

prepared by Joyce Anne Zimmerman, CPPS, 
Kathleen Harmon, SNDdeN, Jean-Pierre Prevost, SMM and Delphine Kolker, CPPS

1 English 

Psalms translated by Institute for Liturgical Studies at Maria Stein Center.

Textbook size 2 week Psalter, prepared with music Liturgical Press, Collegeville 1993
The People's Companion to the Breviary

(earlier title was The New Companion to the Breviary with Seasonal Supplement)

2 English 

very inclusive translation of the psalms (horizontal & vertical)

4 week Psalter; 

includes some "non-official" festal celebrations (e.g., Simone Weil, Merton, Romero, etc.)

Carmelites of Indianapolis, 




(included here because it is the direct descendant of Officium Divinum Parvum - see "The Divine Office" above)

1 German includes 4 week Psalter and music Herder, Freibourg 1994, 1997
Psalms for Morning and Evening Prayer

(in 2 bindings, one hardcover, suggesting permanence)

1 English 

Psalms 1994 ICEL The Liturgical Psalter: Text for Study and Comment; antiphon texts from ICEL's 1995Daily Praise: A Study of Morning and Evening Prayer

"inclusive" translation of the Psalms, probably to be termed "official" , with changes; permitted for publication, though not "liturgical use" - NCCB Imprimatur removed 1998 LTP (Liturgy Training Publications, Archdiocese of Chicago), 
Benedictine Oblate Companion
compiled and edited b y Fr. Austin Newberry, OSB, and Fr. Meinrad Brune, OSB, St. Meinrad's Archabbey, St. Meinrad, Indiana
1 English uses the 1995 ICEL Psalter a one week cycle for the Divine Office which is an "adaptation of the office as prayed by the Monks of St. Meinrad's Archabbey" 1997
Lauds and Vespers


1st volume, per annum.  Intended to foster the Latin celebration of Lauds & Vespers.


The remaining seasons (and feasts) will be printed in additional, future volumes.


General editor: Rev. Peter Stravinskas



Latin and English




a) An  Invitatory, for those who begin the day's hours with Lauds/Morning Prayer;


b)  Psalm Titles and Headings, which are intended to help the user to better understand and pray the psalms;


c)  Psalm Prayers, found in the American edition of the Liturgy of the Hours, though not yet in the Latin official books.

uses the current official Neo-Vulgate Latin and various English translations.

The "concordat cum originali" (the editio typica altera), for the Latin text, reminds users that the English is only an aid to understanding Latin.

Scepter Publishers (Princeton, NJ), the Opus Dei publishers,  in cooperation with Newman House Press (Mt. Pocono, PA)


Other "Non Roman Catholic" English texts
The Anglican Breviary
containing the Divine Office according to the general usages of the Western Church put into English in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer

compiled by Rev. Joseph Crookston, OSF, Little Portion Friary, Mt. Sinai, New York

1 English essentially the pre-Vatican II Roman Breviary, with some usage adjustments (e.g., numbering of the Sundays as "after Trinity"), and the inclusion of feasts proper to the various churches of the Anglican Communion Frank Gavin Liturgical Foundation, 
Mount Sinai, Long Island, New York 

reprinted in 1998 by Daniel James Lula

Monatic Breviary MATINS 1 English the cursus of Benedict's rule "with additional rubrics and devotions for its recitation in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer and Monastic Diurnal. Society of the Sacred Cross, Tymawr, Wales

[1961 ed included the most recent  changes made to Monatic office]

1955 & 1961
The Taizé Office 1 English tr from the original French of 1963; several options for psalm, including a 6 wek cursus for the entire Psalter and a 4 week cursus with a selection from the Psalter The Faith Press, London 1966
Morning and Evening Prayer with selected psalms and readings for the Church Year 

compiled by Howard Galley

1 English, 

BCP (1979) psalm and prayer translations

2 week psalm cycle (though addition of readings bring this to 4 weeks); average 2 psalms per hour; 

structure of hours is BCP.

Church Hymnal Corporation, New York 1983 and 


The Monastic Diurnal Revised 2 English, BCP (1979) psalms based partly on the Thesdaurus, there is a 2 week cursus for Matins (one section of these Matins psalms remains unchanged)

Community of St. Mary, Eastern Province,

Peekskill, New York

Celebrating Common Prayer

a version of the Daily Office, SSF, (reprinted in 1993)



1979 BCP psalms

Anglican adaptation of the Daily Office prepared by and for the Society of St. Francis in England, originally, then issued to the public.   Mowbray, 
A Monastic Breviary

edited by the Order of the Holy Cross and the Order of Saint Helena (Anglican) 

(originally prepared by The Rev. Bonnell Spencer, OHC)

1 English 

1979 BCP psalms (in draft proposed form); 

based on earlier, similar edition in 1968, called A Four Office Breviary, using the RSV Psalter.

2 week Psalter of 4 daily hours: Matins, Diurnum, Vespers &Compline Holy Cross Publications, West Park, NY 

distributed by Morehouse-Barlow, Wilton, CT


(reprinted 1997)

The Divine Hours
Prayers for Summertime
(Springtime and others to follow)

(compiled and edited by Phyllis Tickle)

1 English, leans heavily on BCP.

claims 6 week Psalter cycle, though most psalms are not complete.


interesting two- color printing for Summertime book (green rubrics, black text)

New York
A Book of Daily Prayer
compiled and edited by Robert Benson
1 English, translation "paraphrases from many sources", an "ecumenical" text;
30 day cycle of psalms (used as "Readings");
interesting structure
Morning (Lauds)
Midday (None)
Evening (Vespers)
Night (Compline), includes temporal and sanctoral "remembrances"
Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam
New York
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updated  April 23, 2000

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