The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Here is Tony Horner's Summary of his work.  Please feel free to contact him at his e-mail address should you be interested in his Little Office project.



In England, Tony Horner ( – a layman with a long-standing attachment to the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary – has produced, and hopes to publish, a revised version of this Office. His objective was to retain as much of the traditional form of the Little Office, whilst revising its structure in accordance with the Liturgy of the Hours. He has used the whole of the traditional (pre-Vatican II) psalmody and hymns. 

The antiphons, responsories and prayers are taken mainly from the Common and Festivals of Our Lady as found in the Liturgy of the Hours according to the Roman Rite, but some items are taken from the Dominican Usage. 

A major change is the provision of a four-week cycle of first and second readings at Matins. The First Readings, from Scripture, are taken from Job, Proverbs, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), and Baruch, and they are all descriptions of, or statements by, Lady Wisdom – long associated with Mary in the Church’s Tradition. The Second Readings are from the Divine Office texts for the Festivals and Commemorations of Our Lady and from a number of Marian Encyclicals and other Ecclesiastical documents. 

The remainder of the Little Office changes little from day to day, and thus stays close to its historical antecedents, but to mark the liturgical seasons there are certain variations at Lauds and Vespers, such as the readings, the antiphons to the Benedictus and Magnificat, and the prayers.


Added July 6,  2001

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