Here are some links which you may find useful:

    Catholic Church, Information and General

        Theology Library  from McGill University,
        Documents, Liturgical Library, etc.
        The Vatican's web site
        Catholic Online, a general information site with links
        The Catholic Pages, another large information site with links
        The Catholic Goldmine, with more information with links
        Catholic Community, with additional information with links
        CIN (Catholic Information Network),  with many links
        Alapadre, with many links

        More to come

    The Monastic World, which has always influenced (and continues)
            the Liturgy of the Hours


        The Benedictines, of St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, with links to Benedictines,
            Cistercians and Benedictinism throughout the world.
        The Carthusian world, with links to official Carthusian home pages of monasteries.
        Parkminster (St. Hugh's Charterhouse), the Cathusian Monastery in England
        Solesmes, the French Abbey famous for chant and publications of monastic liturgy
            and music.

        In England, the Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey  have been involved with the compilation of

            office texts, especially in the editing and translating phases.

        In France, the Abbey of En Calcat.
        In Spain, the Abbey of Silos, also publishes litugical editions in Spanish and Latin.
        The Abbey of Seckau, monastic home of Hilebrand Fleischmann, OSB, compiler of
           Officium Divinum Parvum
        Sr. Jill Maria Murdy, OSB, with many links related to monastic life, liturgy and music.

    Liturgy, General

        The Benedictine liturgy site (Collegeville, Br. Richard)
        The U. S. Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy
        Lift Up Your Hearts, General, from the Canadian Lutherans

    Hours, Liturgy of the (Internet text versions)

        The Liturgy of the Hours site (about as official as you can get, text-wise) -
                               a clean,  handsome, no frills site
        Also straigthforward and very popular, Universalis
        Blue Cloud Abbey's "Pray the Psalms Daily with the Monks"
        An Anglican/Episcopal version, Oremus
        Mission of St. Clare, also Anglican/Episcopal
        The Daily Office in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer
        Michael Martin's Orationes Cottidianae (Daily Prayers) with several "Little Offices"

    Hours, Studies and Discussions of the Liturgy of the

        Liturgia Horarum (Eric Steinhauer's German liturgy of the hours site)
        Hypertext Book of Hours from Glenn Gunhouse (includes an Officium Parvum BVM,
               (the Little Office of the BVM), in Latin and English, used from 1599 to 1911)
        Another Books of Hours discussion

    Printing, The Art and Craft of Liturgical

        D. B.Updike's Some Notes on Liturgical Printing from William Peterson



The all - important Caveat Emptor 

Please take precautionary steps before you ship or buy or contract with any dealer or tradesperson.  To help prevent damage and even loss, be sure that you and/or your dealer package items carefully and always insist on insurance and guaranteed delivery.  It may cost a little more, but my own experiences verify that these steps are worth the effort and the cost.


Booksellers (used liturgical and related books)


        Wilbert Baaijen's Antiquariaat Baltasar  (in Holland)
        John Bevan, Catholic Bookseller (in England)
        Seat of Wisdom Catholic Books, Winchester, New Hampshire
        A great book search engine, Bookfinder
        Preserving Christian Publications - used and out of print Catholic books

        Another fine coalition of book dealers is  Kerssemakers

        Lillian Kaiser operates Chimney Sweep Books (in California), which has some fine used texts.


        Breviarium-Ambrosianum.jpg (25551 bytes)

        Richard Norman, of Edenworkshops, at Downside Abbey, England, crafts

            fine liturgical  book - bindingsHe'll be happy to answer questions, 

            submit quotes, etc.  Here is a sample of Richard's work (double click thumbnail).

            The website is quite comprehensive and Richard offers many other services.
        Sr. Placida Wemhoff, OSB, Benedictine Sisters, Cottonwood, Idaho.  Sr. Placida
            does bindery work from November through March.

        St. Scholastica Abbey,  (Dourgne, France) the sister foundation of En Calcat Abbey

             operates a superb bindery  (and several other workshops) and the Nuns will gladly 

             discuss your binding needs.  E-mail  Sr Marie-Christine Messin.  

             Make sure to visit the beautiful new website shared by the Monks of En Calcat and the 

             Nuns of  Sainte Scholastique.  The links will take you to the various ateliers of 

             both communities.  Of special interest are the beautiful vestments and other liturgical



        One of my favorite links is Br. Richard's "Favorite URL's" - just about anything
            you could possibly want to know or learn.  Br. Richard is Webmaster at St. John's
            Abbey, Collegeville.


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added March 4, 2000